• Company Name
    Kobe Marine Surveyors Co., Ltd.
  • Survey License
    Licensed by Japanese Ministry of Transportation No.251-7-12
  • Establishment
    February 28, 1950
  • Capital
  • Head office
    6-25, 2-Chome, Kanoh-Cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-0001 TEL. +81782420511 FAX. +81782420566
  • Licensed Surveyors
  • Board of Directors
    Yosuke Arakawa, President Toshiaki Kawano, Director Fumiko Yasuda, Director
  • Employees


We, Kobe Marine Surveyors Co., Ltd., were founded in 1950 to aim at conducting maritime survey in general, overall inspection and consulting business. Since then, we have been implementing activities in line with the development of Japan. Our business slogan is “fairness”, with which our authentic surveying and inspecting activities are enjoying worldwide good reputation and are given a great deal of confidence. We are also extending business activities to other industrial areas with success. Our qualified surveyors who have excellent expertise and much experience will surely respond to all your needs through incessant studies and efforts under their mottos “accuracy”, “rapidity” and “reliance”.


  • Survey Dept.

    Kobe Marine Surveyors Bldg., 3rd floor, 6-5, 2-Chome, Kanoh-Cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-0001 TEL. +81782420511 
    FAX. +81782420566
  • Kakogawa Branch

    Kakogawa Shinko Bldg., 5th floor, 1525 Shinnobe, Befu-cho, Kakogawa 675-0131 TEL. +81794353598 
    FAX. +81794353599
  • Tokushima Branch

    Keio Bldg., 1st floor, 1-1-37 Suehiro, Tokushima 770-0866 TEL. +81886538255 
    FAX. +81886538363
  • Onomichi Branch

    ABC Bldg., 2nd floor, 2018-7 Takasu-cho, Onomichi 729-0141 TEL. +81848464541 
    FAX. +81848464564
  • Imabari Branch

    2-3-39 Katayama, Imabari 794-0063 TEL. +81898250473 
    FAX. +81898252783